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Are you grateful for who YOU are?

How many times have you been told you are unique and special? Tons I bet. And it is true but, the most important thing is that you BELIEVE it and even vital that you feel grateful for who YOU ARE.

We are all amazing human beings with great qualities and talents, and we should all embrace our flaws and shortcomings because even those “defects” also makes us who we are!

But not until we realize how special we are we will be truly grateful for ourselves, for having a voice, for our power of making decisions, and for having the skills to build the life we want and deserve.

Today I invite you to remember that you were put in this world for a reason. Be grateful for that.

Your existence has a meaningful purpose. Be grateful for that.

Recognize your gifts and use them to contribute to the world and to bring joy into the lives of those around you. Be grateful for that.

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