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Ay Dios Mio… TWENTY YEARS AGO I was packing around 5 suitcases as I was ready to move from Guadalajara, Mexico to Dallas, Texas. I was hired by The Dallas Morning News to be the Lifestyles Editor of their Spanish-language newspaper Al Dia.

Was I scared? A little bit. Was I excited? You bet. My working visa was ready and all my apartment’s furniture was packed and ready to be moved as well. The night before my flight, I told my Mom “Thank you for supporting me”. And she said “Always”.

Arrived to DFW Airport, took the bus to the rental cars area… WHERE AM I GOING? Oh yeah, to downtown Dallas. They put me in a hotel two blocks away from the newspaper offices, and my room window faced the Texas School Book Depository AKA the building where Lee Harvey Oswald (allegedly?) shot JFK.

So many memories, so many adventures. And here I am 23 years later, still learning, still having fun, still enjoying life and its uncertainty. I have been a journalist, a social media coordinator, PR lady, events organizer, fundraising extraordinaire, and now a private chef. I don’t want to stop, and I still do not want to know what’s next in store for me. INDEED LIFE IS NOT ABOUT THE DESTINATION, BUT ABOUT THE JOURNEY. Cheers!

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