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You do not need to wait until Taco Tuesday to enjoy this spicy, thick, full of flavor salsa! The secret is in the roasting. My Mom started it making it in the molcajete and slowly moved to -progress- a blender. But the process is the same... Enjoy with chips, in quesadillas, tacos, scrambled eggs, the sky is the limit! Y Viva Mexico!


3-4 Roma tomatoes

Half an onion

2-4 Serrano peppers (one should get the salsa with enough spice, but if you want to be adventurous and challenge your tastebuds... go for more!)

Pinch of salt

Garlic powder

Half a lime

In a comal, put the peppers and the tomatoes to roast. You can also use the oven broiler. Make sure the peppers and tomatoes are charred on the outside.

Add them with the rest of the ingredients and blend them until desired level of chunkiness. Add more salt or lime to taste.

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